Hi I’m Mark, and I’m an Art Director. I love ideas, actually I’m crazy about them. I love the way they quietly sneak up on you at 2am while your dreaming of running down the beach like David Hassilhoff (wearing board-shorts… obviously, no budgie smugglers).

My love for these crazy, sometimes scary, and very illusive, ideas began in 2003 when I attended Vega Brand Communications School and graduated with my BA Degree in 2005. My studies didn’t finish there, when I lived in London I attended a Central Saint Martins web design and coding course. And I am now taking night lessons in photography back in Jozi.

During my time at 1886, I’ve won a few awards and plan on winning many more.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, I hope you’ll enjoy my portfolio.



If you’d like to see what I’ve been getting up to in-depth, please download my CV by clicking here.


2014 Bronze Loerie – MTN Great Coverup
2015 Bronze Loerie – Kings of Chaos
2017 Silver Pendoring  – Steers XXXL Chips
2017 Craft Certificate Pendoring  – Steers XXXL Chips