Hi I’m Mark, and I’m an advertising creative. I love ideas, actually I’m crazy about them. I love the way they quietly sneak up on you at 2am while your dreaming of running down the beach like David Hassilhoff (wearing board-shorts obviously… no budgie smugglers).

My love for these crazy, sometimes scary, and very illusive, ideas began in many years ago when I attended Vega Brand Communications University (in Johannesburg). I graduated with a BA Brand Communications Degree specializing in Art Direction.

My studies didn’t finish there, I’ve also lived in London for a few years and whilst working at Ogilvy & Mather I attended a Central Saint Martins web design and coding course. On top of all that I’ve done multiple photography courses, so you can say creativity runs through my veins.

Recently I’ve made Aliyah to Israel and I can’t wait to carry on my career working for the best brands and companies the country has to offer.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, I hope you’ll enjoy my portfolio.



If you’d like to see what I’ve been getting up to in-depth, please download my CV by Clicking Here.


2014 Bronze Loerie – MTN Great Coverup
2015 Bronze Loerie – Kings of Chaos
2017 Silver Pendoring  – Steers XXXL Chips
2017 Craft Certificate Pendoring  – Steers XXXL Chips